1. How long does the battery last?
The scales are powered by a lithium accumulator with a battery life of 2-5 years. Then you need to recharge it. On the inside of the monitoring gadget is a lithium button battery with 1 year battery life. In the communication (GSM) gateway is a lithium accumulator with battery life of 3-6 months. Then you need to recharge it.

2. How often is data being sent?
All data is sent every 30 seconds to a gateway and the gateway sends it once a hour. If you do not have a gateway you can use your smartphone instead.

3. Do I need a gateway?
You do not need a gateway. When you are near the hives, around 100 meters, you can see the data on your smartphone and if there is a mobile data signal it is automatically sent to a cloud data.

4. Is it safe for bees?
It is 100% organic, 100% residue-free, harmless for the bees, easy handling, useable all year round even in honey flow and give you maximum impact. Bees do not mind it after the first hour, during which they try to kill it, because it is an unknown object.

5. How many GSM gateways do I need?
Only one gateway for 250 devices, if they are closer than 100 meters. :)

6. What is the accuracy of scales?
The weight is 200 kg and their accuracy is +/- 1kg.

7. Do you have a mobile application?
Yes we made a smartphone application and it is free. It works on both android and iphone.

8. What about the fees for the app?
There are no fees. Mobile app is for free.

9. How do you know that bee queen is alright?
Bees make a different sound when a queen is not present. Audio sensor monitor beeps every 30 seconds and a microchip evaluates it.

10. How do you predict swarming?
The sound frequency that bees make changes, when they are preparing to swarm. Beekeeper does not register it, but audio sensor does. First change happens 3 weeks before swarming. Audio sensor monitor beeps every 30 seconds and a microchip evaluates it.