We are a beekeepers with large Apiary in Slovak Republic

Lot of honeybee colony are lost because beekeeper´s have limited information. We have an Apiary with 300 colony of bees and when we started monitoring it changed everything. What we want is to provide this system to all beekeepers as cheap as possible to do that  we need is mass production to lower costs.

Our team


We care about bees with love and with new technology for new age. Every bee hive is monitored with Bee Hive electronic devices. You can use it too.

Who We are?

We are professional beekeepers not just commercial beekeepers. We are interested in organic beekeeping and we always seek to understand Bee behavior.

Tthousands of people support our approach. Among other things, we have developed systems of bee care and monitoring procedures, which not only help the beekeepers, but also the collection of scientific data.