I see. Okay thanks you very much. I will purchase it in the spring. I have a hive heart now and love it. Great data. Gives me peace of mind during winter.

Travis (USA)

Thank you for sending the replacement GSM Module. It works wonderfully. Your service has been brilliant. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Alan (United Kingdom)

Super danke. Wirklich tolle Waage und Herz habt ihr. Bin seid dem Frühling komplett zufrieden damit. Eine gewisse Zeit zurück scrollen wäre top. Zum Beispiel im 1 Wochen Bild 2 Monate zurück scrollen. Sonst top. Schönen Abend.

Martin (German)

You are very good and i like your job. Thanks a lot.

David (France)

This looks amazing.  i'm very impressed.

Charlie (United Kingdom)

I really like your equipment. It completely suits me

Domitry (Russia)

Marc (Norway)

I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible work you all are doing to help save our honey bees!

Alyssa (United States)

We did get proved wrong nub one of the hearts yesterday. One of the hives we put them in we were sure was queen less I’ve been keeping bees for 20 years so i know the signs. Or at least i thought i did. The heart said there was a queen so we let it go until yesterday when I checked there’s a queen. Really impressed. Really disappointed in myself. Hey thank you again

Russ (United Kingdom)

Ok už mám jedno srdce do ula som veľmi spokojný

Matúš (Slovakia)

Thank you very much, its working. You have realy great products and excelent service. Have a nice day!

Stojan (Germany)

Stanka, works perfectly. Great support. Thank you.

Vincent (Ireland)

Thanks. Very interested in your solution!

Marie (Ireland)



Dobrý deň. Som Rado z Dolného Kubina. Chovám 40vcelstiev a zaujal ma vás produkt. Dostal som informácie aj od kamoša, ktorému vás produkt funguje perfektne. Co by mi bolo na začiatok treba. Chcel by som vyskúšať v piatych rodinách, kým sa naučím pracovať s aplikáciou.S pozdravom Radoslav