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Hive monitoring, weight scale, is the best present for beekeepers. It is universal for all types of bee hives and easy for use.

What the metal weight scale can do:

1. hive weight up to 200kg 
2. very good measurement accuracy 10g 
3. temperature stability 0.1g/celsius degree
4. you can see how many bees fly out from hive on morning :)
5. communication directly with the mobile phone via Bluetooth or GSM module
6. free mobile app for both iPhone, Android and personal computer
7. no additional fees
8. outdoor temperature
9. outdoor humidity (if you make hole to enclosure)
10. daily, weekly, monthly nectar flow
11. numbers and graphs
12. every 10 minutes new data
13. internal memory for 2 months
14. cloud archive for 5 years of data
15. communication distance 100m on open space, after insertion into the hive 5m to 50m
16. export to Excel
17. Chargeable battery. Battery will last for 5 years on one charging cycle
18. battery is included, no additional fees
19. warning of unusual weight change – theft


scientific scale

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