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Beekeeper notebook

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The app does not require you to have our devices, but if you have them you have the app accessible for free. If you like it, nothing prevents you from supporting us (for example, at paypal@beehivemonitoring.com). The application access license is a one-time, with no monthly or annual fees.
You can download the app from Apple Store or Google Play
We created the software as easily as possible, without unnecessary functions, which complicate the using of application. 
We created the program based on our needs and experience from our own apiary with 250 bee colonies. It will serve every beekeeper from one hive to several hundred hives in several locations.

What data can you note down about your bee colonies?

- photo of your apiary
- name of your apiary
- unique generated QR code
- address of your apiary
- location (GPS coordinates plus map)
- notes

Bee hives:
- bee hive photo
- name or hive number
- hive type
- number of chambers
- age of queen
- lineage of queen
- colour of queen
- your notes

Bee hive inspection:
- date of inspection
- information on whether you have observed the queen, eggs, larvae and bee brood
- strength of bee colony
- temperament of bees
- the number of queen cells
- temper of bee colony
- treatment
- notes

Honey harvesting:
- date
- how much kg of honey was harvested
- notes

What to do with the hive:
- date
- notes

If you want to improve something, write to info@beehivemonitoring.com


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