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Varroa killer

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STOP treating your bees with chemical! Be biological!

Destruction of varroa by heat
- 100% biological
- 100% residue-free
- harmless for the bees
- easy handling
- usable all year around even during honey harvesting
- maximum impact
- Power supply: 220V or 12V tracking battery


A heat generator that is used treat bee colonies without chemistry.

The principle of operation is to overheat the entire hive to a temperature greater than 42 degrees Celsius but less than 47 degrees Celsius. It is an external device that supplies controlled heat to the hive environment via a pipe.

During treatment, the colony is closed so that the bees cannot leave the hive and at least a minimum temperature of 42 degrees Celsius is reached.

The device operates in automated mode and automatically switches off after recasting. Monitored warm air is blown into the hive environment and an adequate temperature is maintained by interaction with the internal temperature and humidity sensor (hive heart).

The healing is fully automated, the beekeeper only closes the hive, connects an external heat generator and starts treating.

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varroa killer manual DE

varroa killer manual DE

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varroa killer manual EN

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varroa killer manual SK

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