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Hive GSM gateway

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Online gateway to monitor hives. You only need one gate to monitor your hives from home.
1. automatically sends data from devices, you see data online wherever you are
2. you can connect 100 devices to one gateway
3. it only needs 20MB of data per month
4. the cost of a sim card is 10EUR per year
5. adjustable data transmission, in range from 15 minutes to 24 hours
6. rechargeable battery
7. battery life is 3 months in case of hourly data transmission, battery life is 1 year in case of 4 hour data transmission
8. waterproof cover 
9. there is no need to recharge the solar GSM module. Up to 100 devices can be connected to one gateway.


This device just needs one on the apiary, and only if you want to watch the data straight from home without having to go to the apiary. The device contains a lithium battery that can be recharged and is water-resistant. Place the appliance somewhere on the apiary and all devices in the 30m circuit are automatically connected to it. You do not need to set anything up.
Dimensions: 115x80x55mm
Weight: 220g
Network: 2G

hive GSM gateway



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