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Hive scale without battery

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Hive scale is a best present for any beekeeper. It is universal for all type of beehives and easy to use.
What you get:
1. Nectar flow (per hour, day, week, month - info and graph)
2. Swarming and robbing alerts!
3. Are supers full?
4. Is winter feeding required?
5. Compare colony strength and productivity
6. Theft alerts!
7. Number of bees.

Battery is not included


Insert the battery and put the weight under the hive. Download the mobile application, scan the QR code that comes with the package, and the app will automatically plug in the weighing weight. You do not have to set up or configure anything. The weighing scale consists of two wooden boards that are totally unobtrusive for thieves. They are connected with a long cable (50cm), so you can adjust it to the width you need. The weight is resistant to weather conditions.
Dimensions: 500x45x30mm 
Weight: 1,5kg
Accuracy of weight: +/- 1kg

Battery is not included

hive monitoring



Download (2.54M)

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