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Hive heart

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Hive monitoring, the hive heart, is the best gift for every beekeeper. It is versatile for all types of hives and is easy to use.
What the hive heart can do:
1. hive humidity
2. hive temperature
3. bee sound analysis
4. highlights the loss of the mother
5. swarm forecast up to 21 days
6. measurement every 10 minutes
7. memory for 2 months, after downloading the data is archived for 5 years
8. communication directly with the mobile phone via Bluetooth or GSM module
9. free mobile app for both iPhone, Android and desktop web app
10. thickness only 8mm, placed on the frames of the brood with the number facing upwards
11. reach in open air 100m, after insertion into the hive 5m to 50m
12. data can be exported to Excel
13. battery duration for one year
14. no additional fees


The heart of the hive is enough to lay inside the horn on the frames and insert the battery. Then you download the mobile application, scanned the QR code that is included in the package and the application automatically connects to your heart. You do not have to set anything up.
Dimensions: 70x60x8mm
Weight: 30g

hive heart



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