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Heart of hive without battery

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Hive monitoring the Hive-heart is best present for beekeeper. It is universal for all type of bee hive and easy for use.
What you get:
1. Inside temperature, humidity and sound. (numbers and graphs)
2. Lost of bee-queen alerts!
3. Swarming prediction (3week, 2week, 1week before)
4. Robbing alerts!
5. Strength of colony in winter

Battery IS NOT included!


The heart of the hive is enough to lay inside the horn on the frames and insert the battery. Then you download the mobile application, scanned the QR code that is included in the package and the application automatically connects to your heart. You do not have to set anything up.
Dimensions: 70x60x8mm
Weight: 30g

Battery IS NOT included!

hive monitoring



Download (2.54M)

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