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  • Why Are Honey Bees Important To The Environment?
    Why Are Honey Bees Important To The Environment?
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    Honeybees help us in many ways that we are not even aware of. After all, the honeybee is the producer of one of the most favorite foods of human beings. It is a fact that the human race cannot live if all the honeybees get extinct from this world. It is because they are the main agent of pollination. There are also a lot of other reasons for you to start beekeeping in your backyard. 

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  • How To Assemble Foundationless Frames
    How To Assemble Foundationless Frames
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    One of the most expensive things in beekeeping is buying frames. They can cost you a lot of money. However, if you assemble them yourself, then you can easily save some extra bucks to invest in other things. There are a lot of ways to assemble foundationless frames, but today we will tell you the most effective and easy way to assemble them.

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  • What Is Queen Cup?
    What Is Queen Cup?
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    Every beehive has a queen bee. Without a queen, a hive won’t be able to survive. The queen lays the eggs which are called the larvae which is the future of the hive. But if there is just one queen, then how is another queen decided? This is where the role of queen cups comes. A queen cup is a queen cell. These are the cells which go on to produce queen bees in the future. But these are just a mere form of insurances for the queen bee. If she wants to keep her role of queen, when the time...

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  • Tips to Keep your Package Bees from Leaving
    Tips to Keep your Package Bees from Leaving
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    If you are a beekeeper or have knowledge about it, you might also know a little about package bees. You can’t travel to forests and hunt for bees so that you can capture them and then start beekeeping. Bee packages are containers of bees which you can install into your hive for beekeeping. These packages have sugar syrup so that the bees inside can stay alive. Every package consists of a queen bee and some worker bees. But a problem which most of the beekeepers face is keeping the package...

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  • Six fascinating ways honeybees communicate
    Six fascinating ways honeybees communicate
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    A strong colony of honeybees works together buzzing and whirring. During summer, a productive hive will have 50,000 or more members, only then a colony is considered fully mature. Every bee in the hive is assigned with a job. Every little yellow bud strives hard foraging and collecting nectar, feeding the young larvae, producing honey and ensure the colony is enriched with food for surviving a week or more. The key factor behind this successful and efficient work is healthy communication.

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  • Why you shouldg grow buckwheat for bees?
    Why you shouldg grow buckwheat for bees?
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    It is susceptible to cultivate plants like flowers and herbs during the warm and productive months of summer. It is often difficult for the insects to manage as there is a surplus of forage available at this season of the year. Whereas in the autumn there is only a limited variety of flowers available for the remaining insects, one of them is honeybees. These bees pull off and survive for winter while the other stinging insects like yellow jackets and wasps die in large groups by this...

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  • Guide to attract mason bees
    Guide to attract mason bees
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    Few techniques are still useful, secure to keep the ecosystem safe by growing mason bees, tiny insects that gain popularity for both gardeners, including farmers. What is more, promoting your slice for the earth is natural mason bees –no matter how big or small this can help counteract the negative impacts of decreasing population of honey bees.

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